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Clean Room Modular
Partitions !!!
Blue Sky System Clean Tech designs, supplies and installs
complete clean room sandwich panels for pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and nutraceutical facilities. The clean room
panels used are dependent on the type of facility and the
budget ranging from thick laminate panels to SS ones.
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Clean Room
Validation !!!
We undertake complete clean room validation documentation
of clean room equipments and clean rooms. The clean room
validation process comprise Particle counting, DOP test,
Filter leak test, Air flow pattern, Laminar airflow
certification etc.
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Laminar Air
Flow !!!
The laminar air flow type of clean room equipment comprises
of several key features that facilitate ease of operation with the
laminar flow hood and laminar air flow chamber. Different sizes
and types of laminar air flow equipment as per your requirements.
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Air Filter
Filtration is an important aspect of clean rooms.
Clean rooms require very high efficiency hepa filters
and for class 100 and below, 100 % HEPA filter coverage
is recommended from reputed hepa filters manufacturers India.
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HVAC - AHU!!! We undertake the design and supply of Air Handling Units (AHU)
for Pharma, Biotech and nutraceutical facilities. The Clean Room
HVAC equipments are designed to suit specific classification needs of a
particular work environment. Be it classification in terms of
Class 100000, 10000 or be it Graded like Grade C or Grade B.
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Our Products

Bio Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) are among the most effective and the most commonly used primary containment devices in laboratories working with infectious agents.

There are three general types of biosafety cabinet available (Class I, II, III) which have performance characteristics and applications. The biosafety cabinet India manufacturers clearly describe performance characteristics and applications in their policy.

Properly maintained Class I and II biosafety cabinets, when used in conjunction with good microbiological techniques, provide an effective containment system for safe manipulation of moderate and high

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